Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tea Time

When you entered your 3D body it was as if the buddhaic, 5D part was condensed and stored away in its own contained compartment – holding everything you needed for the final leg of your “Earth trip”. It was locked safely below your awareness until the time came to “land” and you started to “claim your baggage”.

2012 was a scheduled landing on the Earth runway with many souls ready to re-fuel. Landing allows you to unpack - discarding what you have outgrown, what is wearing you out, or weighing you down. You’re designed to be flying lighter through these heavier times – stripped down to the bare essentials – the bare Essence Self. It has been tucked away so securely, so discreetly - that it has been invisible, or hidden to you –waiting for its function to be revealed through activation.

The function does'nt come with an operating manual generated by the mind, yet the brain is getting the message that it is no longer flying solo. The next leg of your journey will not be “business as usual” because the 5D self is on board.

It awakens within you like the perfect blend of premium herbs, flower buds and leaves that have been gathered over eons of time to be harvested, compressed and rolled together into a tea ball- just waiting to unwind as the warm waters of your awareness begin pouring through your being…..

Softening...Releasing.... Unfolding.... Opening… the flavor of your True Essence, infusing your bloodstream and all your energy systems with special properties that YOU pre-selected.

You are the flight attendant serving your Self as the guest of honor.
A confluence of destiny is inviting you to start meeting regularly ...

for your own personal Tea Time.


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