Monday, May 19, 2008

Chakra Labyrinth Cards

Chakra Labyrinth Cards combine two of the oldest traditions: the Chakras and the Labyrinth.

  • The Chakras- An ancient system originating in India that recognizes seven basic, vital energy centers corresponding with the areas of the physical body, running from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or disk.

  • The Labyrinth - A single, continuous pathway, winding purposefully into its center and back out again. One of humankind's oldest spiritual tools, used as a moving meditation for reflection, prayer, problem solving, relieving stress, grounding, balancing and connecting you to your inner self.

The Chakras and the Labyrinth are considered spinning vortexes of energy activated by consciousness. Both have been called a map that guides your mind, body and spirit toward wholeness. Used together, these archetypal patterns of connection create a profound, self-reflective tool to examine and resolve current life issues.
Historically, labyrinths have been linked with death, birth and rebirth rituals as a representation of Life's journey.

  • The Wak In - Death - RELEASE

  • Arriving in the Center- Birth- RECEIVE

  • The Walk Out- Rebirth- RENEW

The Chakra Labyrinth Cards focus on these three life cycles. They were developed to use while walking or fingerwalking a labyrinth, but they can also be used as an oracle of divination.

There are 55 cards in the deck. Seven cards with unique intentions are included for each of the seven chakra colors. There are also five (Magneta) Integration cards that are aligned with the five elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether and there is one Centering Card reminding us to RECEIVE what we most need in each moment.

The Prairie Labyrinth can be called a Chakra Labyrinth as it is intentionally laid out in alignment with the natural order of the chakras beginning at Path 1 (Red) Root Chakra and progressing to Path 7 (Violet) Crown Chakra.

If you were going to use the cards to walk or finger-walk the Labyrinth you would begin by randomly choosing one of every color. On the Walk In, you would pause at each turn to read the RELEASE statements that correspond with that chakra path. On the Walk Out of the labyrinth you would read the RENEW statements. These are chakra specific positive affirmations to redirect your thoughts and your energy. You can order your own set at :

For blogging purposes, we are going to use the cards as an oracle. I will post one new card each time I make an entry, allowing Spirit to guide what we as a collective most need to be aware of for that day.

The front side of the cards display the Chakra Angels that remain at each of the turns within the Prairie Labyrinth. The five Integration or Element cards portray paintings that I have created.
On the back side of each card there are two sets of statements: Walk In- RELEASE and Walk Out-RENEW.

Begin by reading and reflecting on the RELEASE statement. Click on the card to enlarge it.

Reflect on the Release statement to see if it pertains to anything you are dealing with.
Each RELEASE statement begins with the words, I acknowledge and bless...

Before you can truly change or release any habit or pattern of behavior, you first have to acknowledge it as part of yourself. Ignoring it, denying it, pushing it away or just saying you choose to release it, only serves to reinforce the adage, What you resist - persists. When you can clearly see your thoughts, emotions and patterns without judgment or trying to run from them, then they no longer seem to run you.

By blessing your shortcomings you remove any negative charge you may be carrying about them, transforming the release process into a compassionate review.

After considering how and if the RELEASE statement applies to you , then read the corresponding RENEW statement. Take in this positive affirmation and make it a part of your day.

The Chakra chosen for today is the THROAT CHAKRA. The color is Blue.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Map of the Labyrinth

You have arrived at a check-in station where you can examine a pathway before you step onto it or share a pathway that has worked for you. There are endless spiritual tools, but the pathways to the New Earth mimic the pathways found in the Labyrinth.

  • They are interconnected, creating a single pathway.

  • You can't get lost, even though you may feel like you are.

  • The return path is designed to lead you back to your own sacred center.
One of the most potent pathways available to us is surrendering to the stillness, but "being" is not easy to "do".

When I first created the Prairie Labyrinth in 1995, I was excited to have a walking meditation in my own back yard. I was never good at stopping the spinning gerbil wheel of my mind in traditional sitting meditations. Walking the labyrinth gives me permission to move more than my feet. It provides me with a map to safely wade through the dump of my interior landfill. Instead of trying to push the weight of my thoughts away so I can float into the void, I remain grounded to consciously sift through the junk with heightened awareness and curious detachment- as if I have volunteered to pick up trash along the highway.

The pathway into the labyrinth is associated with release. This gives me permission to reflect on all of the issues, worries, old patterns and yes, even the garbage, that keeps my thoughts spinning. But somewhere close to arriving in the center, a shift occurs. It's as if the vaccuum bag of my mind is being emptied. When this occurs, my breathing slows down and I usually stop or sit down. I don't have to struggle to get to the "void". It encompasses me.

"Being " in the center is being in the state of receiving. Receiving to me means filling up or taking in the fullness that is always here. But I have to be present to receive it and soften my attitude to merge with it. You might identify with the attitude that I'm talking about. It's that part of me that believes I have to be strong or perfect or do it right or have the answers or pretend I am invincible... when I am not. And the wonderful thing is that when my mind shuts up, I am filled up with the Presence that disolves the illussion that I am separate or "doing" my life alone. The weight of having to "figure it all out" lifts, leaving me with simple acceptance and pure gratitude.

The pathway out of the labyrinth is associated with renewal. The reversal of twists and turns back into my life provides me with adequate time to realign with the realizations, the insights, and the truths that have spilled out of my heart to lighten up the path before me.