Thursday, June 5, 2008

Returning to the Root

The card offering for today is a Root Chakra card. Read the RELEASE and RENEW side and see if this card speaks to anything currently going on with you. Are you aware of old patterns or limiting beliefs that are operating in your life? Do you want to make changes but don't know where to start? During this time of Mercury Retrograde (May 26- June 19th) it is appropriate to go to the "root" of the things that are not working in your life and re-flect, re-frame, re-visit, re-evaluate, re-fine, re-think, re-do, re-organize and of course my favorites - Release and Renew.
Going to the root may take you into your core wounds, but if you have the courage to feel what comes up, you also have an opportunity to re-pattern what isn't serving you in order to heal. Looking back to the root cause is looking within. There are lots of modalities to help you re-pattern. You can create your own Release/Renew ritual by using the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air or Ether) in your own creative way or re-wire the old reptillian brain pathways by using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ) or tapping.
Going to the Root of things by using EFT can be painless, direct and effective. The best part is you can do EFT on yourself once you have the basic understanding of the "points" you are to tap on, but it is helpful to have the guidance of an EFT practioner to begin with.
EFT is the right tool for me to use on myself and with my clients. I am a sleuth at heart who loves the mysterious inner workings that make us all tick. The stream of consciousness that is triggered during an EFT session gives us a map and leads us intuitively where we need to go. Finding and releasing the stuck places that keep us in limiting beliefs or repetitive pain patterns is like finding buried treasure. The reward for me comes in witnessing the jewels that lie within each individual's True Self.
Even if you know nothing of "tapping", invite your inherant brillance to re-veal itself to you to help you make the changes you desire.
Returning to the root begins with loving and accepting yourself - just the way you are. This can result in an attitude shift called Re-newal. Mercury retrograde is more than glitches in your communtications, messed up schedules and frustrating computer hassels. You can make use of the cosmo's support during this time of review to rest, restore and re-NEW yourself.