Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let the Day In

Let the day in.

Pour it through the strainer of your senses,
sifting your perceptions until they're fine enough to blend.

SMELL the Light that swells within each enlivened particle,
inhaling the fragrance of air-born vitality.

SEE the sound waves rippling out from the staccato of foraging birds, stirring you into the blender of their encircling, unified-field.

HEAR your temperature rising as the world heats up,
dialing you into the ticking timer of your silent 5D self.

TOUCH the 5D self, kneading (needing) it like yeast into the dough of your being, intended to expand and rise.

YOUR fermentation created the yeast, warmed in the mixing bowl of your High Heart. Changing from 3D to 5D becomes simple alchemy - when heat is added. Ordinary ingredients - become extraordinary...Manna.

Your DNA ovens are preparing you to become the sustenance for the New Earth.

Let the Day in.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hum of the 5-D

We have heard from countless spiritual sources that “Breath is the key”. My 5-D self expanded on this theme after attending a Yoga class using the mantra “So’ham” (pronounced as So’ Hum). This is said to be the mantra of our true self. It is called the natural mantra because its’ vibration is already a part of our nature -because everyone breathes.

Sooooo… is the sound of inhalation and Hummmm….is the sound of exhalation. So’ham is Sanskrit for “I am that I am.” It is identifying oneself with the Universe or ultimate reality.

My 5-D self expanded on this idea,

“The “I” is not complete without the “AM”. This is the opening and closing “tag” of your Being. As you relax into the rhythm of focused breath, the internal sound (Hummmm) begins to soften you, allowing you to shift into the frequency of the universal “Hum” that is always present. With the influx of higher energy, your bodies can tune into and vibrate with the Hum that is permeating and connecting all dimensions. By listening with your high-heart, you can begin to entrain yourself to the awareness of the 5D pulse. It is right here. It has always been here, but if your senses are not fine-tuned to its existence, you will not feel or resonate with it. The noise of the 3D dramas drowns it out of your perception field.”

The Talmud tells us that “We do not see things as they are: but as we are.” We cannot notice the 5-D world if we have no reference for it. This is the same premise that was used to explain the many versions of the story, sometimes attributed to Magellan, sometimes to Christopher Columbus, and sometimes to Captain Cook when the indigenous people could not see the ships of the explorers anchored off shore. Only the Shaman was able to perceive them by imagining what he was looking for. When the ships appeared before him he was able to point them out to others, until everyone could see them. He could do this because he was open to the possibilities of strange things from other worlds.

“You are operating under the same principle as the Shaman; looking now for the “Light ships”. You form the context for the possibility to occur by first fueling your form with the “Hum” that powers the ships from other worlds, knowing that the same power flows through the fuel- station of your breath.

The MerKaBa (your light body essence) is your personal “scout ship”, with new and improved capabilities to transcend old limitations through intentional alignment with the internal (eternal) Hum.

The Hum is the Great Mother’s lullaby- capable of uniting worlds and dimensions, returning you to the comforting cradle of Love’s Presence where separation from your 5-D self doesn't exist."


  • By knowing that it exists, you become the Shaman, recalibrating your frequency to match it.

  • Spend a few minutes in a silent scanning mode- as if you were an Allen Telescope using your So’Ham breath to drop into your deepest “inner space”.

  • Partner with your body by allowing it to UNWIND. This is an intentional, super-slow movement - without a plan. Start in an open-heart stance, feet apart, shoulders back and arms out-stretched with your eyes closed. Begin the So’Ham breath, drawing out each exhale as long as you can while allowing your body to flow instinctually in a fluid, continuous motion, guided only by your tuned-in awareness of what needs to move, stretch, or be released. Sounds may come out naturally on the out-breath that will facilitate the unwinding.

  • Give the 5-D self full rein by staying out of your head, grounded to the heart-pulse of the Earth.

  • Let the movement come to its own completion. Then sit with the So’Ham breath and “Hum” along.

    The more you allow the "Hum" to fill you and move you from the inside out, the more you will perceive the matching vibrations in and out of this world."


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Musings from the 5D-self

The top priority of my New Year’s intention list was to begin living from my 5D-self.
I often referred to this part of me as my “Higher Self”, but that term has a way of keeping me feeling separate-more like the inadequate “lower” self.

With the influx of energy that poured into the planet through the 11:11:11 portal, there was a flurry of talk about us moving from 3D to 5D- into Unity consciousness. I read the concept like everyone else, but it still elicited an illusory feeling that bobbed like a fishing lure on the choppy waters of my conscious understanding.

I “heard” that the only way I was going to get a better grasp of this concept was to commit to listening and making space for my 5D-self to "in-form" me.

I was inspired by my dear friend, Astara who shared her magical encounter with the majestic orange balls of multidimensional Light that appeared in formation, not once, but twice a couple of months apart in the night sky over Columbus, Ohio. It moved me to hear that her mother played a significant role in the second appearance. Even though she had been skeptical and did not see them the first time, her Mom walked outside on New Year’s eve and said a prayer, sending a message to the "Beings" and flying objects, telling them that she would be so grateful if they could show up for all of her family who was gathered to experience them together. Amazing to have a living example of "ask and you shall receive."

Astara’s recounting of the “Galactic Federation’s” response probably prompted more than just me to look up at the night sky and invite “them” to illuminate my life with their presence.
I followed the bold, night-star pathway from Sirius, through Orion’s belt and out beyond the Pleiades, but no ship lights twinkled in response. Instead I found myself staring at the underbelly of a passing cloud that resembled the ominous wing span of a stealth bomber and noted that the oblong orb, face of the waxing moon was encircled by two rainbow rings.

Then this morning, I decided to open my Akashic records and dialogue with my 5-D self and post whatever comes as a way to explore what this means for all of us as we enter the gateway of 2012.

This was what came through as I sat in the center of the Prairie Labyrinth.

“You stare at the sky and invite the 5D part of you “in”, but your challenge is to let this part of yourself “out”. Can you let yourself expand? Can you push your edges? Can you engage your body awareness as the partner it is meant to be? Can you tune in, lean in to what it needs, desires and inspires in you? Can you give up your “small self” attachment, holding onto the constriction because it gives you an excuse to stay safe, numb, and invisible?

To BE in your 5D self means to shed the corseted layers that hold you back, that hold you frozen in an ice-disc of illusion, unworthiness, inadequacy, and self-doubt.

Living from your 5D self is breathing out. It's thawing out, learning how to relax as you exhale, dropping into a new level of expansion and alignment that will make you more present and ready for the in-breath that is breathing you. Living from a fearless stance will change the events that unfold to mirror your own unfolding. You have to be big enough to be generous. Generous enough to make your 5D self available as you learn how to embody the Grace that guides this shift."