Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tribute to Nicole Christine

Fittingly, I chose a Heart Chakra Card for today.

As always, it meets me where I am - in grief - over the loss of a remarkable woman, a sister, friend and mentor who made her transition on Oct.18, 2008.
Nicole Christine was the creatrix of the Priest/ess Process, The Magdalene Mysteries and the New Earth Sacred Order of Venus Templars. She was a wise woman, crone, peaceful warrior and way shower imbued with the magic of a spirit dancer/wood nymph and the purity of an innocent child. Nicole led by empowering others.
She ignited us through her vision, passion,compassion for humanity (especially the underdog) and her love for the Earth. She quietly engaged us with a twinkle in her blue eyes and an unfaltering commitment to her soul's mission. Through Nicole's influence, countless lives were impacted and forever changed.
I was fortunate to be included with a group of 13 Priestess/Magdalene sisters who journeyed with Nicole to Southern France in September 2006. It was a pilgrimage in Magdalene's honor, but it was also linked to a promise that Nicole made in 1,678 BC.
According to a 1999 Akashic Record reading by Maia Nartoomid, Nicole along with two other priestess sisters, and the soul that would become Mary Magdalene, took vows to fulfill their planetary purpose. This purpose was connected to anchoring the energy of the Divine Mother/Feminine principle on the Earth. In the reading it was explained that the energy of the Goddess principle of Venus connected them and that the point of recognition, fulfillment, and dedication that Nicole felt with Mary Magdalene was anchored in the earth at the Temple of Venus.
There are Seven Venus temples throughout the world, but the vow was made in the La Val Dieu region, which is the location of the Venus Temple of the Midnight Sun in France. Nicole's inner guidance was to return there. Because of her on-going challenge with breast cancer, she did not know if she would have the physical strength and stamina required to make it through the trip, but she grew stronger at each of the Magdalene sites.
Our trip culminated in a hike to a place called La Pique, which is the center-point of the Venus Temple pentagram overlooking La Val Dieu, the Valley of God. In living ceremony, we connected with the other Venus Temples, bridging and intertwining their ancient intentions and attributes with our current understandings. We symbolically released the past wounds and patterns of separation and degradation inflicted upon the feminine that we collectively and individually carried while seeding the new light codes of sacred union that we were ready to align with.

Nicole's original connection was reactivated and the next level of service to the planetary purpose of the soul of the Magdalene was charged. This resulted in the formation of the Venus Templars.
Part of The Venus Templar work was to recognize and embrace our personal light codes and to express them in our Light Bodies and DNA while assisting others in accessing, amplifying, and expressing theirs. Nicole gave this description of the light codes:
"These animating light body codes are seed points of our innate gifts, capacities, and passions that are pressing to the surface of consciousness for release at a time when it is essential for us to actualize our fullest divine human potential and co-creatively construct a New Earth."

The first time I met Nicole in 2004, she openly shared that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years earlier, but instead of putting all of her time, money and energy into treatments, she established the Magdalene Mysteries and sourced the Priestess Process and Venus Templars. Her priorities were clear to her. They remained that way up to the end when her last correspondence came to us on Oct. 16th.

Dear Priest/esses and Venus Templars,

My timing for returning to the Mother of us all feels eminent, ending my 20+ year dance with breast cancer. I feel ready, complete with my Earthwalk, and ask that those of you who feel called to pray on my behalf and/or to send loving energy supporting that completion simultaneously release me and receive the love and gratitude I have for the ways you have enriched my life and uniquely carry forth our soul group’s sacred work.
Please do not call or email me as I need my energy to consciously transition, if that is to be. Short handwritten notes or etheric transmissions are welcome though! Know that I’m feeling Deep Peace in the Silence and being well-cared for by sacred sisters and brothers on the inner and outer. I enrolled in Hospice (homecare) this afternoon. Hospice anticipates I may have up to two to six months--which is anyone's guess!


Two days later Nicole made her conscious transition.
I was struck by the power of her intention while re-reading her words in the Introduction to her book, " Under Her Wings: The Making of a Magdalene."

"Eons ago, Woman and Man journeyed into time and space to individuate, to explore and expand Creation. We are now on our return journey Home to Source, gathering in all parts of Self that fragmented off in exploration. In this doing and being, we, the Many, bring our treasures of discovery to the One Who becomes more because of our journey, our return. It matters not what you think of what is written herein. Dear pilgrim, it matters only that you re-member and come Home."
Today I grieve, overwhelmed by waves of awe and gratitude for the far-reaching ripple effect that Nicole has created, touching and connecting so many lives. I imagine the release of her light codes, raining down upon us like a meteor shower, blessings the Earth with the magnitude of her Grace and Love. Her body might be gone, but her light intensifies and continues to permeate the ethers, making it available to help us burn away the "dross" of our small, limited selves.
This past week a group of 13 gathered to celebrate and honor Nicole's return to the Mother of us All. Together, we sang a song that I wrote titled, "Ariadne's Call".

Ariadne's role with the labyrinth predates the eighth-century Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur when she helped Theseus find his way to the center of a labyrinth using a ball of golden thread. Ariadne, meaning " All Holy" was worshipped in Crete and other Greek islands as a birth goddess along with her Mother Pasiphae. The mother's role was to bring you into the world, but Ariadne, who was referred to as the "Lady of the Labyrinth", was responsible for tracing the route through the labyrinth to show you the way to the next world.
For those of us grieving, she takes us into the underworld of our feelings - to release, to surrender, to break apart before we can realign - or come together again at a higher level of transformation or before we are ready to follow the return path - back to the living.
For those leaving this world, Ariadne's call is a dance of comfort and joy, playfully, winding them- Home.
I don't think it is an accident that we are called to step into our fullness in the moments when we feel most empty.
Fly Home, Nicole


Oh, I call to the Feminine, the Mothers, the maids,
to gather your love, to lift up the babes.
Oh, I call to the Feminine, returning to Earth,
to reclaim the child within, preparing for birth.

Lift up your gossamer wings to the sky. It’s time to open. It’s time to fly!
Follow the circles your heart song intones.
Unwind the Golden thread to find the passageway home.

Oh, I call to the Feminine, the Mothers, the crones,
to weave the new web, to release the old bones.
Oh, I call to the Feminine that lives in each heart,
to heal the imbalances that tears us apart.

Lift up your gossamer wings to the sky. It’s time to open. It’s time to fly!
Follow the circles your heart song intones.
Unwind the Golden thread to find the passageway home.

Oh, I call to the Masculine, the Fathers, the sons,
to bring down the light, to anchor us as One.
Oh, I call to the Masculine to awaken to your part,
to heal the imbalances–we must first heal the heart.

Lift up your gossamer wings to the sky. It’s time to open. It’s time to fly!
Follow the circles your heart song intones.
Unwind the Golden thread to find the passageway home.

Oh, I call to this gathering. Have the courage to shine.
Merge with the Mystery. Dance, your soul’s design.
Oh, I call to this gathering to be the stars that align.
Ignite the new resonance to reveal the Divine.

Lift up your gossamer wings to the sky. It’s time to open. It’s time to fly!
Follow the circles your heart song intones. Unwind the Golden thread
to find the passageway home. – OM