Monday, November 16, 2009

Receptor Codes

After attending the Labyrinth Gathering in Portand, four friends decided to extend the adventure by renting an RV and going down the coast of Oregon. One of the highlights for me was in Cape Meares, Oregon where we were introduced to Oregon’s largest Sitka Spruce tree. It is 144 ft. tall with a circumference of 48 ft. and an average crown spread of 93 ft. It is 750- 800 years old.

Coming down the short trail into this Grandfather tree’s presence was awe inspiring. Carol House read to us (Connie Fenty, Diane Terry-Kehner, and me) the night before from a book called “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” by Vladimir Megre’ who is the author of the "Anastasia" series. Anastasia has a deep connection to Nature, Spirit, and to the underpinnings of the Universal forces. The portion Carol read had to do with the spirit of the Cherry Tree. I am sure just hearing her words was preparation to be in the presence of this “ancient one”.

Coming to the base of the tree, we were awe struck with the visual impression of two large burls or growths that resembled testicles with a protrusion hanging beneath and between them.
There was no doubt that this was a male presence.

We each found a niche around the tree to settle into and I leaned back to open myself to whatever the tree wanted to share. This is what came.
I first inquired, “Is it true that you receive information from the stars and pull it down through your branches into your roots to distribute it to the earth?”
The answer was immediate. “That is my function.”
I pressed further, “ Do you have a message for me?”
“Yes. The blank book that you just bought at the light house- which you thought would be a gift for someone else- is for you to record the messages in. This will be housing information on the “Receptor Codes” They will unfold over time. All you have to do now is make space inside to receive them. Press your body into my base. In two places sit with your back against me. In two places press the front of your body including your forehead against my trunk. Circle the entire base and pick four places.
The information will be transferred to your cells and unfold over time as a “thought ball” that unwinds."
I did as instructed finding myself drawn back to the burls as the tree continued to explain.
"Just as man’s seed is stored in their testicles, information has been coded and is stored in these growth protrusions intended to impregnate receptive souls with this knowledge. Take a drop of my resin as my elixir of truth. A blessed union is required for the transfer to occur. This happens when you embody the counterbalance to my holding station.
You hold the "eggs" of your womb within your receptive nature– Inside these are the Receptor Codes. I am not talking about ovulation. In your DNA you have the capacity to receive, to hold, to nourish and are willing to grow the seeds within your being and deliver them into the world. The Earth as you know it is not the same as it was when I came to be anchored here and my watch tower was set into place. It took the passage of time to elongate the spiraling frequencies which allows the higher vibrations to enter your atmosphere and settle into your consciousness. You have the Receptor Codes, as many men and women do, but it is now time to activate them. One person activates another. It is how it is always done. It is registered internally as a quickening – an inner knowing. Recognizing your own confirmation through your own subtle-body signals assures you and guides you – connecting you to where you have been and where you are going.”

I received the drop of tree resin that was offered from the “downspout” hanging between the gargantuan testicles. I took it back to our home on wheels (our rented RV) and unpackaged the book smearing the resin into the recessed center circle of the book cover- which just so happened to resembles rings of a tree. Grandfather Sitka’s essence imbues this book. I am open to the thought-ball that will continue to unfold.

October 17, 2009 (written on the flight home)

“So now you know the “Receptor Codes” are documented as olfactory information. It is not an accident that the scent of pine was the gift extended to you. You were prepared for this transfer when you touched the other pine sap days before and continued to smell it. Every time you bring your nose to this cover you reactivate the connection. Release the idea of needing to write a book about this information. You are being asked to live it and share it.
It will come unsummoned as well as invited. It is the Receptor Codes that you possess that have been turned on, turned up, tuned in to my frequency that will be used as the receiving station for information transfer. This comes through your human filter and because of that you are placing human attributes onto my tree system, but I am only one single strand of hair- growing on the God-head. My program comes from the stars and it is a sliver of that program that you are opening to. It will deepen and refine your own program because scent, as one of the oldest systems, carries information that will up-level you. It is not information that your mind needs to process. It is cellular reconstruction and refinement that is being targeted.”

Since coming home I started to read information from a book called The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. Somehow it seems related to the Receptor Code information.

He says: “Your DNA is simply waiting for you to input the right code. Once it has received your instructions, it will run the new program and build you a new body, a new life and a new reality…
A transmission can only be received through silence and deep meditative absorption. Every shadow contains a gift. When you accept and embrace your shadow, they suddenly reveal their true nature and a new inventive impulse is released through you. Inside your DNA , a subtle but potent mutation takes place. As your shadow reveals your hidden Gifts, the whole tempo of your life changes. Once you know the Shadows inside yourself, evolution will begin to use you to raise the frequency of others which will draw you into some form of service.”

And added to this was a quote from Patricia Cory from the Sirius Council:

"Wherever humankind faced persecution for free thought, it was most often necessary to bury the profound revelations in codes. The storehouses or libraries that held the information are often right in front of us, contained in universal properties of God/Life/Creation/Awareness."